You have registered to participate (if you have not, sorry, registration is now closed), here is how submit your artworks.

You should receive the plastic sleeves for displaying your work, together with a submission form.

Your artwork must fit into the  sleeves provided (max. size 10 x 18 cm), and you can send up to 10 pieces of artwork for each registration. Relief and 3D works are accepted as long as they fit into the sleeve.

After completion, slip the artwork into the sleeve. Don’t forget to write your name, the title, medium and eventual price (in Singapore $) on the label provided, and stick it on the appropriate sleeve.

Package safely and send you artwork, together with submission form, to:

attn: Debbie Chia
House (2nd floor Office)
8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672

Artwork must be received no later than 30th November 2008. Artwork received after the 30th of November will not be exhibited.

Local participants: after the show, you are expected to come and remove any unsold pieces from the gallery yourself, on the last day of the show, i.e. 20th of December. If you are not able to attend the closing ceremony for removing your artwork, it will be left in a box in Debbie Chia’s office for you to pick up at a later date.

International participants must bear shipping costs to the gallery. Pameran Poskad will bear the return shipping costs.

Pameran Poskad will not take any commission on the sale of your work.

Pameran Poskad reserves the right to refuse any work deemed unsuitable, without giving any reason.

Pameran Poskad will not be responsible for any damage to your artwork during shipping and handling. Please consider sending your artwork by registered mail or hand-delivering it if it has a high value.

If you have any concern or questions, please do not hesitate to contact


3 thoughts on “Submission

  1. Hello!
    Is there a show for 2009.
    This is really interesting, and I am very keen to participate. Please provide info here.

    Thank you,

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